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Benjamin Czarnota






As a performer, teacher, coach, composer, and arranger with degrees in both music theory and voice performance, solid piano skills, and experience in musical styles ranging from blues to rock to opera, Benjamin Czarnota is a unique pedagogue who seeks to address your individual needs and facilitate your growth as an artist with your own distinct voice.

Benjamin Czarnota, baritone


What makes Benjamin Czarnota such a rarity is that he has mastered two worlds that usually conflict. He’s naturally a technique hammering, rhythm obeying, phrasing obsessed old soul. Yet while he can hold his own with the most pompous of classicists, things like acoustics, mic awareness, and folk twang are just as commonplace to him. I remember sophomore year, we were working on breath support and vibrato consistency. By my senior year, we were glued to a computer screen figuring out what the heck Glen Hansard does to his vowels. That versatility is not normal and frankly it’s because it’s not easy. If 10,000 hours of deliberate action towards a subject makes you an expert, then Czarnota is a downright multi-versed genius. He’s always studying, always discovering, always dismantling the most abstract of sounds. He loves what he does, and thank god, because he is one of the few doing it. If you’re trying to jump into today’s demanding vocal scene where versatility is not an option, then you have no room or time for the average teacher. Czarnota has been ahead of the curve for years. He wasn’t a bystander with a coy facade of pedagogy. He was in the trenches with me.”

"There are no words for how fortunate I feel to have the opportunity to work with Benjamin. In only a few short weeks and a handful of lessons I have improved leaps and bounds. The feedback I have gotten on my voice since starting lessons has been extraordinary. More importantly, I have gained confidence. I have a knowledge of my instrument and what I can do with it that I wouldn't have without Benjamin's steady guidance. He is a teacher and a coach. I couldn't be happier with my progress."

“In any form of artistic collaboration, clear communication is key. As a professional actor with no real formal voice training, I was in dire need of a knowledgeable coach. Benjamin proved to be that in spades. He took me from a place of zero confidence and little understanding of maintaining character and comprehending when singing. As an actor of straight plays, I had a lot of fear to venture into the area of ‘breaking into song’ and still comprehending how to be true to my character and the story. With his patience and natural directing ability, Benjamin guided me to my own truth for the character. Going way beyond technical voice work, he intuitively focused in on my strengths as an actor to help alleviate my fears and use my voice in the most effective ways. To this day, I still utilize exercises and breathing technique to prepare for roles, whether musical or straight plays. I highly recommend Benjamin as an extremely effective Vocal Coach, Musical Director or Production Director. He is the real deal.”


Benjamin Czarnota

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