Kyle Szen, actor (Disney: Voices of Liberty)

"Ben's commitment to his students is what sets him apart from other teachers. He helps his students grow in the specific ways they need to. His dedication does not only exist in the studio; he sat in on my auditions, master classes, came to my rehearsals and to my shows. Then I would get a full supportive analysis on areas I nailed and areas I could improve. He was eager to identify those areas I most needed to focus on and was willing to put in the time and provide me with the resources to make it happen.  

His knowledge of the voice is immense. He helped me identify bad vocal habits and replace them with healthier ones. He taught me to understand my voice as an instrument. By knowing what was happening physically...I was able to improve my technique, eliminate unhealthy habits, and comfortably extend my range.

We learned from each other. His legit baritone voice was very different from my pop musical theatre boy belt. Though through example of him singing lines from my material, it was a helpful tool for me to learn by comparison. I especially loved how he took the time to care about my contemporary material that I brought in that he had never heard of. He didn't insist I only sing legit music. In my field there is a major emphasis on pop & rock music, and I'm thankful that Ben was just as willing to focus on that just as he was with legit repertoire. We had a very different taste in music styles, and we embraced it through a mutual respect. I wouldn't have had it any other way--collaboration at its finest!

I've been singing professionally in the musical theatre world for about 7 years now. In the roles I've played, I have had to sing several demanding vocal scores, often 8 shows a week. I still use the helpful strategies he gave me in college to approach difficult vocal lines and ways around tough vowels. And I continue to use his warm-ups and exercises daily in my professional career.   

On a human level, Ben is sincere, loyal, and dedicated. His studio is a trustworthy space to grow. 

Essentially, Ben transformed my untrained voice into a soaring, confident tenor, and I cherish the friendship that I gained in the process. I'm a lucky guy to have trained with him!"

Benjamin Czarnota

Benjamin Czarnota is a unique pedagogue who seeks to address your individual needs and facilitate your growth as an artist with your own distinct voice.


Benjamin Czarnota