“Benjamin Czarnota is a frightful and compelling Sweeney Todd, soaring through each number. ‘My Friends’ and the duet ‘Pretty Women’ with Judge Turpin were especially memorable.

- Kate Miller, Cleveland Performing Arts Examiner.

“Sweeney Todd (Benjamin Czarnota) has a roof-shaking voice, an amazing vocal power that he controls masterfully.”

- Margorie Preston, Sun News.

“Benjamin Czarnota is brilliant as the haunted, half-crazed Sweeney Todd, whose fixed stare and cold, lifeless eyes suggest a man possessed by demons. Czarnota's operatic training and experience lift his tormented character and the musical to unparalleled heights.”

- Fran Heller, Cleveland Jewish News.

Benjamin Czarnota

Benjamin Czarnota is a unique pedagogue who seeks to address your individual needs and facilitate your growth as an artist with your own distinct voice.


Benjamin Czarnota